Top Mistakes Men Make Talking to Women

In this article you will learn about the most common mistakes men commit when talking to women they would like to date.

Not Recognizing Woman’s Safety Level

Talking to women many men don’t recognize the woman’s natural need to feel safe and comfortable. Since women belong to the weaker sex, they feel more unprotected dealing with strangers. To make women feel safe it is better to be introduced by third parties, dress well and be groomed, show yourself as a good man, show strong and confident body language, talk on interesting topics for both, talk to other women so that she can see, keep an eye-contact, etc.

Being Incongruent with your Objectives

A good example of this is when you want to date a woman and approaching her, pretend you want to be friends only. Some guys show even they are not interested in a lady as a woman.

Acting Like this Woman is a Goddess

If you start treating a woman like she is a goddess and better than you from the very beginning, she will hardly be interested in dating you.

Trying to Impress Her

The worst way to get a woman you like is trying to impress her. Don’t tell her how much money you make, don’t tell what house do you live in and what car you drive, etc. The only way of impressing her you can choose is being calm, confident and laid back.

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Considering that Complaining will Make Look you better in her Eyes

Being negative and complaining, remember that women don’t really care.

Lack of Confident Body Language

People do judge each other by the body language. Show your presence of a confident man, even when you are quiet.

Not Knowing her Interests

Listen, observe and lead the  conversation carefully, thus you will learn more about her interests and will be an interesting interlocutor. Also pay attention to her clothes, bags, accessories she wears, etc. this will tell you much about a woman.

Not Knowing when to Stop

You should know when to stop the conversation, earlier before the topic gets boring.