The positive use of Marital Agencies.

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Woman from UkrainaSome of the women, usually those are the ones who were not very popular in their own country, say that marital and matchmaking agencies are a bunch of scammers whom do nothing in order to bring two people together and happy as one, and that is not quite true, because there are a variety of cases when two people were meeting through an agency and later were building a family. Here i will bring a few examples of happy family lives.

Anna, has decided to place her profile on a internet dating agency, after two of her friends successfully got married through it, of course at the beginning she was very skeptical about it, as she worked as a teacher in the secondary school, and having a pretty difficult life, she stopped even dreaming about having a nappy future in front of her. And at the same time, being so comfortable in her own “shell” it was hard for her to get out of it, but her friends decided to do it for her, so she didn’t even realize how by surprise she was standing in front of a photographer who was making professional photos of her, in order to place them in her profile.ruswimens It was hard for her friends to convince her it is a good idea that is why they made a deal, if Anna during one month will not start communicating with someone interesting and pleasant, than they will leave her alone with this issue, and will stop doing blind dates for her. First of all, Anna was very surprised by the lots of attention she was getting, and the second thing is that she was really amazed how good she looked on the picture (her friends tricked her, as a result she worn nice blazer, jeans and pretty pink top, she made her haircut, and put some make up on). That discovery has become a revelation for her, and she decided that from now on, no more “grandma” skirts and blouses, from now on she will look good and up to fashion only. The increased self esteem has helped her in the art of flirting as well. Two weeks after having her profile posted and receiving hundreds of letters, she got a letter from Colin, who was originally from Chicago, but currently was working his contract in France. They talked for a few days via the letters, and on weekend Colin has offered her a personal meeting in her hometown. Anna became all nervous, but at the same time she caught herself on the thought that she would really love that, so she met him on Saturday morning in Kiev airport. And as soon as she saw the tall man with the most beautiful blue eyes she ever saw in her life, she realized that she lost her heart for good. Yes it sounds romantic, and too sweet to be truth, especially for the skeptical Anna but that is the real story. During the time Colin was working in France he visited Anna eight times, in less than half a year, so when the time has come to leave to the States from France, Colin has visited Anna again and proposed her. They got married in August, and due to all the bureaucracy, she was able to go to the States only by the end of May next year. They are married for more than six years now, and together they have a wonderful two years old daughter Ella.

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There are many stories of this kind, but usually it is hard for us to believe in something good, it is much easier to say that it is impossible and that the whole world is painted in the black colors, than admitting the situation the way it really is. So a good advice would be living life at the top of all possible wishes, and never to agree with something less than deserved, as somewhere in the world really is a person who was meant and created for you only, and all that is needed is courage and patience in order to wait and find that one person.