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womenfromrasaCristina has wrote a letter in which she was asking for and advice about the things that she should do in order to ease the situation: ” two years ago I placed a profile into a local marital agency, and letters were coming one after another, but there were some really rare cases when those men were writing me again, I could not understand what is the problem for a very long time, till the moment when I assured myself that probably that agency has placed some very high rates for correspondence through their agency for men, and that is why there were no letters more, but what id it is not quite true?! What if i am wrong?!”

Well it is a interesting question, you see, if you place a profile through the agency, than probably there will be not that many letters as men are usually asking for your address, eventually with your permission and send you some parcels with a gift and their personal email address, so you can communicate directly. The biggest plus is that you will not get empty or some stupid letters, there is a certain level of protection through the agency, but the minus is that there are not that many of them. I think it would be good if getting registered in a few more agencies, who know maybe this way you will get a bigger result, and maybe in a different agency the rates would be not that big, so you will be more successful in your attempts to find that one and only person.


First of all you need to start with yourself, it is not true that the world cannot be changed; it changes and depends only on your point of view, if we turn and look at it from a different angle, than it looks completely different to us. Changes start happening in our own heads, and with our thoughts we create a vision and sample of life how we want to be, I started attending psychology classes in order to get myself out of a depression, and it helped me realizing a lot of things. Books that are dedicated to positive thinking are also a great alternative for starting to think positively.

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You need to look into the mirror into your own eyes and speak with yourself, to dig into your own soul. It is very useful analyzing all the past bad relationships in order to realize what you were doing wrong and correct that. Also it is important to realize what the minuses of your partner were, how they were influencing the common life and what the features of character are or actions you will not be able to accept or deal with.
Look for the features of character which were poisoning your previous relationship, it is much easier to fight with those problems when you clearly see them in front of you, right? In order to become happy you need to be honest with yourself, and set the certain goal in your head, as soon as you will do it you need to analyze your chances to attend it, what morality issues you will have to step through in order to get it, and then think again whether it is worthy or not.

You need to get angry with yourself for the way you live and to start hoping for some new changes, and it is important to see them in your own mind, that will help you realize what you want. It is no point flying in the clouds, that has never helped anyone having a family, but there is a big point in making efforts in order to become happy. As soon as you will change your attitude towards corresponding with foreigners, and make a hard work upon yourself, your life will change in everything and you will finally get to meet your Prince Charming.