Pros and cons of using the online dating service

Craigslist Chicago womenRecently the online dating services have become an integral part of our everyday life. This became possible owing to the rapid development of the high-tech at the end of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st century offering tools for almost instant communication between people from different parts of the globe. Using handwritten paper letters which people exchanged using postal service with extra long waiting time is already far back in the past. Cell phones, tablet PCs, and different gadgets, as well as Internet instant messengers, are instead.

On this wave, the appearing of numerous Internet dating communities connecting people all over the world was quite expected. Craigslist Chicago is a good example of modern and reliable dating platform providing various useful services for that lonely people who decided to seek their destiny online. But there is nothing perfect in the imperfect world and any things have both good and bad sides. So the services offering dating online are not an exception, also possessing both positive and negative aspects. What are these aspects and their influence on the quality of service?





  • Freedom of communication not limited by geographical, political or cultural borders. People from any country, belonging to any culture, society, religion, speaking any language are able to use online dating service and date or make new friends there.
  • Almost instant exchange information of any kind leading to making conditions close to dating in real life. No more long time waiting for delivering the messages and receiving the response.
  • Safety and security of use. Being respected and trusted online dating service provides high level of system security while using their website. Users can be sure that their system is virus protected, scam free and ensures enough server storage and speed for convenient using. Also, their personal information is reliable protected and cared according to the dating site privacy policy.
  • Ease of use. Simple navigation and light-weight design are the key aspects for easy and comfortable using the resource even for the beginner user.


    • Lack of reality. Many people find themselves difficult to date with somebody being not able to hear the voice and intonation, see the face and figure, in other words without feeling the presence of the person near. To avoid this is worth to remember that online dating is only a primary dating stage leading to the meeting in real life in case if it was successful.
    • Too much imagination. This aspect derives from the previous one. Having not enough real contact with somebody the human’s imagination starts to work trying to compensate the missing information. As a result, it is possible to fall in love not with a real person but with fictitious character imagined by human’s mind. Exchanging as many photos and video, providing true information about the person, as possible while dating process can help to get a real image of the person.

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Summarizing everything written above is possible to say that trusted online dating service, such as Craigslist Chicago Personals, provide really qualified and beneficial features allowing single people to find their matches and create strong relationships leading to happy marriage. Anyway, if the person is still hesitating about using such online dating community is worth to know that registration there is free and doesn’t assume any obligations. Dating process is something that requires quiet and relaxed atmosphere between people in case if they want it to be successful. To achieve it people should take everything easy and just be themselves.