Online dating? Or daily socialization?

gay group datingWhat is the best method to get to know people and eventually to get into a relationship? Even if it sound funny I made a research on that. A market research while I worked at a local newspaper. I took a microphone and I started asking people all aver the road what they think about this. Of course that each one of them had different opinions. Of course that the age and the sex had to do with their answers. For example old people, as expected, did not agree with online dating, first because they don’t really understand how that works and second because they think that is nonsense to go out with someone that you don’t know face to face. Who knows who will that one turn out to be? I can’t tell you what reaction they had when I asked them what they think about online gay dating. In my opinion , they were really funny, because they were so embarrassed to even say something regarding this that they just left. Well, they lived another times. The middle aged ones of course that agree with meeting face to face with people that you meet before from your group of friends or something alike. But for sure not from online dating sites, because it is not such a safe environment. I was also very happy to see that more and more middle aged people are so open regarding gay dating. These for me it means a step forward for people in general and their way of thinking.

online dating gay

And the last ones, the young ones of course that they had a lot to say. They are for everything that means to find a date. It doesn’t matter very much where they meet someone. Anyway, many of them recognized that most of the time they meet people online, because most of the time they spend it online, so online dating is easier and handier. The ones that usually use the online system are gay people. They said that is easier for them to socialize with people alike, on websites specially conceived for their kind, regarding the fact that people are not so open to same gender relationships. And until now this worked very well for them.

So, as I was able to see, online dating gained significant points. No matter what the reason is, people use more easily the internet to socialize and also to find dates.


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