Online Dating. How to Become A Modern Gentleman with Russian Woman?

If you think that good manners are in the past, you are wrong. However, women say that it becomes more difficult for them to find a man who could rightfully be called a gentleman. Men, let’s be frank: this article is for you. If you were recently denied a second date (or if this is always the case), it’s time to reconsider your principles. Correctly to treat women should be able to every self-respecting man, and at the you will find all necessary tips.

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While Russian women dating, you should remember that equality of the sexes does not mean that you can forget about good manners. Romantic relationships are still built on capturing another person, impressing him and showing oneself from the best side. If you refuse male etiquette, women will surely laugh behind your back. Perhaps you can temporarily attract the attention of a woman who likes scoundrels, but this will not help you build a lasting relationship and definitely will not win your respect. Good manners will cause sympathy. Pick up the right clothes, plan a date and start honing your manners.
Come on time. A real gentleman will never make a lady wait, so he always appears at the appointed time. If necessary, make an alarm and allocate enough time to get to the desired place.

If you are still late, you should have a good reason for this. Call the girl and explain why you are late. She can decide to wait a very short time, especially if in the past the men who invited her didn’t come on the date.

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Say compliments to the girl. It is important for women to hear pleasant words about their appearance, so be sure to tell her that she looks very good. But be careful and avoid hackneyed phrases and platitudes. Your compliments should be easy and unobtrusive, because otherwise you can scare the girl away.
Never insult a girl. If you know that you tend to criticize people, refuse even the slightest remarks. If you critically respond about the girl, even if you are confident that this criticism is fair, the girl will take it as an insult, and your date will end very quickly. Sarcastic men and men with a strong sense of humor should be careful so that jokes don’t come out too harsh, because even if you are talking about something in a joking manner, a girl can take everything seriously. It is best to completely abandon any comments that may offend, as well as sarcasm. Leave politically incorrect, ambiguous statements and gossip.
Open the doors in front of the girl. This is rule number 1. Open the door and let the girl enter first – it will make her feel special. It is not necessary to accompany it with pretentious gestures – everything should look absolutely natural.

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Do not let the door slam shut before the girl. If you go out together, and you go first and give the doors to slam in front of the girl is really rude. To women such gesture speaks about egoism of the man. Open and hold the door for the girl – this is not an indicator of weakness, but quite the opposite.

6 Move the chair for the girl before sitting down. Few people do so now, but pushing aside the chair, you show that you put the interests of the girl above your own. This is a beautiful gesture that will help you to succeed.

If you dine with a group of people, wait until everyone starts eating, and only then start eating yourself. Gentlemen don’t attack food.

Ask the girl questions. Be able to talk. Do not be afraid of awkward silence, because it can be avoided if you think in advance possible topics for conversation. The girl will feel that you respect her, if you listen carefully to her, and not allowing the conversation to break, you can cause respect for yourself.
Do not pick your plate, don’t talk with your mouth full, don’t yawn. A man should sit evenly and look the girl in the eye during a conversation. Don’t constantly look into your plate – mashed potatoes cannot answer you.