Office Romance – is it Worthy to be Engaged into?

Should one get engaged in office romance? Statistics show that over 70% of relationships have started with office romance. However, the same statistics show that only 15% of relationships started at work have future continuation. Why people are so prone to date their co-workers or bosses? The answer is simple. We spend half (if not more) of our lives at work. People have different attitudes and opinions about office romance.
Office romance is like playing with fire. It is easy to choose the partner at work, since you spend there most of your time. However, getting in an office romance you risk dropping down your working productivity and efficiency and even losing your job.
In the present world many men, who prefer chasing after women from their office are accused of sexual harassment. Even if this doesn’t happen, how things will be in the office you work if you two break up. Very often ex-partners get very irrational and unpredictable after the break up.
What will happen to your relationship as co-workers when you two break up after first several dates? Don’t you find it will be quite annoying if you would hear one and the same story every day when you get to the office? How this sort of attitude will affect your work? Your working process will turn into a stressful occupation and no one would like that.

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Just think of another variant of office romance, you like the lady or man your boss also likes. What will you do? Have you thought how this can affect your career?
What if you and your another co-worker like the same person? What if this co-worker will start backstabbing you in front of your boss? The variants are numerous; anyway, an office romance will affect your work, are you ready for this? Do you really need it? Just keep in mind that things can turn ugly at any moment. So, be aware of what you are going into!
The best thing, however, is considering dates outside work.