Making Compliments to your Girlfriend/ How to?

The present article will teach you to compliment your girlfriend without losing her respect for you. The rule is very simple to follow and it works! The rule consists of two parts: first – praising your woman in public and, second, teasing her in private.

Praising your Lady in Public

The best way to compliment a woman is telling good things about her to other people, so she can hear this. Real gentlemen know how to praise their ladies in front of others and they use this technique all the time, even when they had a rough day. In comparison to the compliments that are done privately, praising your girlfriend whenever you are around other people will make her feel special and take your compliments more seriously. Complimenting and praising your woman in front of others makes your girlfriend feel more appreciated and supported by you.

Teasing Her in Private

However, remember, to avoid praising in private too much. Thus, you risk looking desperate and needy. The best thing to do in privacy is to tease your lady by telling her playful complements. Using a playful ‘mode’ when giving compliments to your girlfriend, looks like you are teasing or approving her, but not flattering losing your powers and male dignity.

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Another thing to pay attention to in giving your woman one of the greatest compliments is recognizing and appreciating small things and details she brings into your life. Very often it can be not a verbal compliment; you can just take time and gaze at her – she will see the compliment in your eyes. Stop and stare at her when she puts on a new outfit and your lady would feel how she is desired, loved and needed by you. Comment on her cooking and for sure the best compliment would be your empty dish. 😉 It lies in human nature to feel useful and appreciated. If you make your lady feel this way, paying attention to what she does, she will be happy!