How to impress Manila Philippines women?

Manila Philippines womenWhy are they different?

Every nation has its own peculiarities, traditions, and features you won’t see anywhere else. A foreigner may find some things weird, but that’s the reality of the Philippines. Be prepared to deal with strange behavior and habits.

  1. Manila Philippines women love their gestures. Pointing with their mouth is one of them. Don’t be surprised if your Filipino girl will just do this gesture without saying a word, pointing to a lost thing you’re looking for. For the Filipinos, it’s one of the national special features, rather cute and funny one.
  2. Another national feature of all Filipino girls is their great love for food and rice in particular. Forget toast, oatmeal or cereal. They eat rice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Of course, you can always ask your wife to cook something more western style and she will gladly do so. They cook really a lot for family events. There’s so much food that all the guests bring some dishes home to eat later.
  3. Don’t be freaked out if you get confronted with the so-called tampo. Filipina girls can get angry and upset over little things, like if you didn’t notice their new haircut. They’ll just ignore you altogether, act like little kids, not responding to any questions on what’s going on. Only a few hours (or even days) later your Filipina lady will shed some light on the reason for her overreaction. You have to just apologize and next time be more attentive.
  4. There’re 3 words for Filipino families: affectionate, warm and very loud. They will make you feel part of the family right away. And you will surely never starve. Every family meeting is a feast with lots of dishes, you’ll have to adjust to their loud laughter and vivid reaction to little things. When your girl represents you to her family, all its members will most likely approach you for a handshake or a hug, and it’s normal for their culture. Filipinos are just super hospitable and easy-going.
  5. It’s not a party without some karaoke. Filipino girls are very talented and skillful singers, so they’ll never lose a chance to visit a karaoke bar. Some of them even have karaoke in the neighborhood so they can get together with the rest of the family and sing songs. Don’t be surprised if you see your girls singing in the shower, while cooking, cleaning and at family meetings. It’s just one of her hobbies and passions!

Filipina girls

How to make dating a Filipina an easy task

Most western men assume that just because they’re foreigners and they’re more wealthy than the locals, they’re going to find a woman to date pretty easily. At some point, this is true. Manila women seeking men adore the westerns and find them very handsome and appealing. On the other hand, never be haughty just because you’re kind of superior. Do not ever belittle the Filipino or you’ll inevitably face their wrath.

Be generous. Spending money for your woman is always an extra point for you. It doesn’t have to be something big, just buy her a drink, pay a restaurant bill, give her flowers etc. Great affection is built from those little moments and details we hardly notice, so just go for it. Being very family-oriented, Filipino ladies want to make sure that you can provide a family. There’re way too many poor men in her country and she certainly doesn’t want to add one more to the list.

Another extra point for you will be the cooking skill and cooking traditional Filipino food in particular. It’s not a secret that Filipina girls love food, and as we mentioned above, they always cook a lot. Impress her with your skills in the kitchen, and she’ll surely fall for you.

Respect her family. The family is the most important thing in every Filipina girl’s life. Firstly, it’s her parents and siblings, then it’s her own husband and children. She loves and trusts her family so much that literally every boyfriend is getting invited to a family dinner where she represents him to her entire family. Fortunately, the Filipinos are super friendly and won’t be mean to a guy, but their impression will definitely influence her decision on the future of your relationships.

It would be a great advantage to know something about her culture and language. You can demonstrate the interest in her culture by saying “Kamusta” which means a basic greeting like “Hello”. She’ll definitely appreciate it, even though the majority of Filipina girls speak English pretty fluently. Understanding that you’re willing to learn more about her roots will be a great compliment to a girl and all her family. She’ll feel very special, not just a Manila pick up girl. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and try to pronounce some basic words, in the future, it will be a really unique and intimate experience to be able to talk with your girlfriend in her native language.