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free dating with RussiansAds of various online dating agencies annoy everyone especially when a person finds out that registration is paid. We can’t even imagine who creates paid account then! Frankly speaking we don’t understand such services either.

Our website is absolutely free for everybody. Russian women create profiles on trying to find a new love and turn a new page of their lives. The men who visit want to chat with hot girls from a cold country and maybe start a romance with some of them. So why would we make everything more complicated for them?

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Language barrier and other important things

Russian accent sounds sweet for native English speakers especially when it comes from a Russian woman. However some Western men are worried if Russian girls understand them right and can keep up the conversation.

We’d like to note that all Russian girls who have profiles on our website speak very good English. Furthermore, many of them also speak other languages – European, Asian etc. So you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Russians are smart people and they know that one willing to move abroad should start with learning the local language. So feel free dating to chat and joke – you will be understood.

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Can online communication grow into something more?

Yes, of course it can! Take a look around, ask your friends and you will find lots of examples when people met online and then it turned into real-life dating. Actually meeting new people on a dating websites makes everything easier. You don’t have to pretend to be a macho or to think on how to approach someone. Men and women create accounts on with the same purpose.

It means you can send a message to any woman you find pretty without explaining the reasons. Just start chatting and flirting! It doesn’t work in social media and in the street – or works not so effectively – but it’s a normal thing on a dating website.

Russian women have a mentality that perfectly suits Western men. They are feminine, open-hearted and funny. You will never feel awkward while talking to a Russian girl and she will never be rude with you unless you are rude. That’s what makes them different from Western women who are often arrogant and too independent. This independence cost them a fortune – according to various statistics European and American women are often unhappy.

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