Become more Comfortable Asking a Woman out

While, some men are quite comfortable with the dating, still many of them find dating quite a troublesome thing, especially at its initial stage, connected to finding a woman and asking her out. If you are the one from their rows, this article is for you, keep on reading. If you want to learn to become more comfortable and confident when asking a woman out, the following exercise is suggested.
First, you need to choose any event or place where you will most likely meet the type of a lady you are looking for. The best choice, however, will be an upcoming party or a concert, interesting event, favorite restaurant, upcoming exhibition, art event, etc. (the last places work even greater if you are an expert).
Then approach at least 5 women every day, if you are confused about what you can talk about and how to do this, keep on reading.
Another step is starting a conversation with the woman that caught your interest. Find any topic you would have discussed with a male stranger, for instance at a bus stop, when you are bored. Use the same ‘technique’ with women. Starting any conversation at any topic, just don’t focus on the only reason of picking this woman up.
Go on with the small talk.
Then casually mention the event or place you have chosen. Provide this place or event a good promotion and share your emotions of excitement you are going there and how cool it is going to be. End the conversation in a natural way and leave. Here the exercise ends.

Reasons to Date a Successful Woman –
When you get more confidence with practice, you can invite a lady for the event at the time you are about to leave. However, think just of approaching women and working on your confidence and ‘tempting’ women skills. When you will get enough confidence you are ready to invite women to any places, events or occasions. In time, you will find out that asking a woman out is very easy.