8 basic things to say on your first date with sugar momma

Sugar momma sitesDating women older than you might sound very adventurous and fun, but believe me it requires good preparation and patience. Good communication skill, Understanding; Maturity; Tactfulness and Being Genuine who you are important to get attention from a sugar momma. There is something that you should say and should not on your first date with an older and rich independent woman. Sugar momma sites are several and virtually it is possible to get attention from one such mature and wealthier woman, but to make it work and make her sustain the attention on you and have a good impression on you, while meting face-to-face is very important.

8 basic things to say on your first date with sugar momma are given below like

  • When you compliment them on their physical appearance try to do it sincerely. They are independent woman who have travelled a long way to reach success, so they can differentiate between fake compliments and real ones. Try to be specific when you praise their outer beauty- like say “Your eyes or hair or lips are beautiful” and not just “Wow you look so pretty”. This looks immature and fake and they will not get impressed.

Also even by mistake do not say “you look great for your age”; remember the woman will feel like slapping you.

  • Take interest in whatever she says rather than always saying things. Pay close attention and listen carefully whatever she is telling you and rather than saying, this can be counted as one of the basic thing to do. Listen to what she is saying.
  • Talk about her passions in life. Let her slowly reveal her passions in life and things that excite her. Talk about things that excite her and make her passionate about. While talking about her passions in life that amaze and impress her, she will feel more comfortable and fun to talk with you.
  • Talk about dreams and goals in life. Ask them about their dreams and goals in life and they will feel happy to talk about on such things and more than happy to know about your dreams, plans and goals in life on the first date. It will help them to realize that they are not dealing with childish boys but younger men with mature thinking.

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  • Travel is always a very exciting thing to talk about on the first date. Say if she loves travelling and ask about her travel trips to places. She will be happy to talk about her vacations and trips to beautiful tourist places. If you too anyhow happen to have travelled to any of the places she toured then very good conversation will take place between you and your sugar mommas.
  • Talking about relationships with your mature female date can be a good idea. However, stay alert you are not talking too much on a just a specific relationship or look obsessed with a particular relationship. Talk about relationships you have with your family and friends.
  • Ask about her hobbies and talking about her pets will surely make her feel good. If you have got pet or had ever before, then say things about it to her (if she likes pets at all then).
  • Be assertive, confident and never make any reference to their age or the age gap, say romantic things and keep her entertained.

She too wants to feel the comfort and fun of being admired and loved by a man, just like any young aged women want. Be gentle, fun and loving with her.