What To Do On Your First Date With Sugar Daddy?

sugar-daddy-dateThe first sugar daddy date is often loaded with pressure. What to speak and what no to, how to behave and many more questions start to take their toll. Because at the end of the day, you want to ensure that everything goes just the way you had planned. So, without any further ado let’s discuss about the five important things that you must do on your first date. Continue reading

Online dating? Or daily socialization?

gay group datingWhat is the best method to get to know people and eventually to get into a relationship? Even if it sound funny I made a research on that. A market research while I worked at a local newspaper. I took a microphone and I started asking people all aver the road what they think about this. Of course that each one of them had different opinions. Of course that the age and the sex had to do with their answers. Continue reading

Top 3 Ways to Confirm you are Being Cheated by a Filipina Woman

There are some top ways to confirm you are cheated by Filipina women. Max Veracity tries to provide you with some examples. If you ask her to use web cam, she can find lots of excuses, that she is shy, or internet is slow. It is like a signal, she is playing with you. Continue reading